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Affordable Solutions

At Vinyl Shake Siding Guys affordable vinyl shake siding solutions are offered. The average cost per square foot is very less and you can calculate the project cost very easily. The cost of the project depends upon various factors including the manufacturer, contractor and thickness. There are cheap panels whose cost will be in between $1 and $2. There will be 2750 square foot exterior for an average house. If you go for professional services, the cost of the project will be in between $8,000 to $18,500. There will be additional cost involved for removal of the existing siding. You can call us at 888-264-6661 to know more about these calculations.


Custom Installations

At Vinyl Shake Siding Guys, vinyl shake siding services are offered as per the latest standards. In addition to the workmanship and savings, you will be able to go for custom installations so that you can enjoy your favorite exteriors without any issues. You have wide options to choose from. The choice can be exercised in terms of textures, profiles, styles and thicknesses. There will be very low maintenance when you go for vinyl shake siding solutions. It can be washed with mild dish soap and water. No frequent painting is required.


Quick service

As we manage highly experienced professionals, vinyl shake siding will be done as per the latest standards and there will not be any delay in the implementation of services. The services will be delivered as per the contract. There will be 100% transparency in the execution of the project. The status can be traced at any point of time without any difficulty.

Call us now at 888-264-6661 to understand about our vinyl shake siding installation and repair solutions.

Best customer support and experience

A quick professional quote will be offered to fulfill your needs. The Vinyl Shake Siding Guys offers best customer and technical support. You will get guidance in the selection of products, styles and plans as per your needs. Your requirements can be discussed with our panel of experts so that you will get a quick quotation and all your needs will be addressed immediately.

Consultation and estimation services as complimentary

You can go for a contact with us so that there will be very low maintenance with vinyl shake siding solutions. We offer consultancy and estimation services free of cost so that you will be able to decide about our services in a very efficient manner.

Quick field visit

You can contact us at 888-264-6661 so that our team will pay a field visit so that your requirements will be assessed and best possible vinyl shade siding installation and repair services will be offered.

Highest level of safety

The Vinyl Shake Siding Guys will ensure that very high level of safety and security will be managed while delivering the goods. We are licensed, insured and bonded to offer services so that there will not be any risk for home owners.

Highest levels of integrity

vinyl shake siding repair and reinstallation will be done by competent professionals so that there will not be any issues.

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